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The Science Classroom is a place for Putnam City High School and Southern Nazarene University students to gather information about natural science topics and the scientists who developed and researched those topics. This wiki is not open to editing by the general public. Only students enrolled in Putnam City High School Physics classes will be added as contributors. This project, like any wiki, is a work in progress. We are learning about web2.0 and integrating the National Educational Technology Standards as we go.

The aim of this project is two-fold:
  1. Enrich students' learning process, thereby preparing them more fully for their post-high school experience in today's technology-heavy educational climate and workplace.
  2. Build a comprehensive knowledge base of which my students will have ownership. This will encourage higher-level Bloom's Taxonomy skills and the new Digital Bloom's Taxonomy skills they hopefully have when leaving the classroom.
  3. In class, I am always looking for the area in which my pedagogical/content/technology knowledge intersect. This is known as the TPACK context and I think of this as the Zone of Proximal Development. Students of today, who are digital natives, almost intuitively know how to edit a wiki. They come to this assignment with a skill set heavy in technology.

For more information about the educational goals I am trying to accomplish, visit this blog.

If you are would like to see a model page, this one or this one are probably the best-written, correctly-formatted pages on the entire site. Refer to these pages for the model of formatting. You may also view this page to see exactly how a page should be formatted.

Go to our Physics Topic Areas, List of Topic Areas/People, or our Textbook page to get started.

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