The jaw dropping sight of a super nova, the marvelous birth of a new star, and the spaghettifying power of a black hole all fall under the umbrella that is astronomy. It is a huge umbrella that allows for many areas of specialty, ranging from solar studies to space weather. There have been many notable physicists, who have contributed to this topic such as Galileo Galilei, Sir Isaac Newton (inventor of the reflecting telescope), Jody Bowie, and many others. Many people believe that all astronomy is, is star gazing, when in fact it is much more than that. It has affected how we have lived, how our planet has developed, and how space is altogether, aslo, today, it affects weather and seasons to name a few.


Astronomy has been around since the beginning of time ever since man first noticed the statrs shining in the sky. Throughout the ages man has been enamored by the heavens. We have spent many of our nights staring into the night sky pondering the great mysteries of the Earth and the universe it resides in. From the Myans to the Greeks Ancient Astronomy was strewn across the land and studied by many great minds of the days of long ago.

Space Weather

supernova.jpgMany people believe that because there is no atmosphere there can not be any weather out in space, but oh contraire, space probably has the most volatile and voilent weather around. This weather is affected by many things, but mainly it is stars that shift space conditions. stars affect the weather in many ways such as: dying out, solar, or exploding. Exploding stars are called super novas.

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